Tuesday, June 4, 2013


   It can be difficult to get inspired at times. When I was in school studying art I found it very difficult, especially when going to museums and looking at other great works of art. I found myself thinking everything has been done and at a much higher level than I can ever achieve, so why bother?

   It has taken a long time looking at why I create things to get the answer for myself. I find that creating things is my personal form of higher meditation. When creating my mind is able to singularly focus on just that one thing and nothing else. No distractions and time seems to just stand still. I LOVE and cherish those experiences and find that alone makes it worthwhile to continue.

   I also have got over having to have everyone like my work , I find that I enjoy having people passionately dislike my work just as much, I just don't want to have the reaction of that's just OK. LOVE IT or HATE IT and I am happy!

   When I am having a mental block or just find myself getting lazy, a 30 day challenge really helps. I challenge myself to create a new work every day for 30 days following the same theme. I usually come up with 4 or 5 really good pieces at the end of the month that I can work on refining further.

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