Friday, December 26, 2014

Art : Why Do It?

     As an art student attending several community colleges over the years in Southern California I was exposed to many of the classic works of art at the wonderful museums and galleries in California. The purpose of these visits was to spark our creativity and inspire us to create our own artwork. However the visits had the opposite effect on me. I saw things created to a level I was never going to achieve and it seemed as if everything had already been done. That put me in a creative funk that was extremely difficult to get out of and caused me to look at the reasons I create art in the first place. Do I create to become famous and to have my work hung in museums and sell for obscene amounts of money? I think that was in my mind on some level whether I wanted to admit it or not. What I finally came to discover about myself and the artwork I create is the actual love of the creative process. For me, creating a work of art is a deep form of personal meditation where time stands still and my focus is solely on the creative process. There are no distracting thoughts; Nirvana! This I decided made the process of creating emminently worthwhile irregardless of fame and fortune. I discovered that, for me, my love of the process was more than enough inspiration to continue the journey and explore new techniques and mediums.

New Woodies created today. The first is on Olive wood and the second is a burl.

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