Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Harry Potter wands and Bowtruckles

I printed out a couple of my Bowtruckles on my new printer and decided to add
 a wand holder for one of the new Elder wands I just made.

Bowtruckle with Elder Wand
Bowtruckles are magical creatures that live in trees that are usually used for wands. They dwell in western England, southern Germany and certain Scandinavian forests. They are pixie-like bark-coloured tree-guardians of about eight inches in height. They have knobbly arms and legs, two twiglike fingers on each hand and a barklike face with small beetle-brown eyes; a camouflage that makes them difficult to spot in their natural habitat. Even though they seem harmless, they have got really sharp fingers; many woodcutters often get injured. They feed on insects, especially woodlice and fairy and Doxy eggs

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