Saturday, May 28, 2016

Final Work on Coyote

After debating for a while I decided on the jersey and combined a couple different ones to get the look I wanted. I liked the green to tie in the background and I wanted to have it say Coyote on the front. This is my final image. (At least for now) :)

I'm pretty happy with this one as it stands right now, there are a couple spots that bother me but that is the case with every painting I do. I find it is better to just move on to another painting to keep from nit-picking this one.  The steps I took to get to this point follow after the break.
                        There were several rather small steps so I will just post the major ones.

I started by painting out where the jersey was going with white as well as the two areas on the right side of the face, next I roughed in the colors of the jersey over the dried white paint. I love how the green ties the background in.

Next I glazed blue over the light areas of the face on the left one and continued with the blue on the right. I also blocked in the lettering on the jersey.

 I added some blue shadow to the lettering and worked on some shadows on the jersey

Modern Coyote
I added some more detail to the lettering and some minor details to everything else. Then I pulled off the masking tape and signed it. I will mat and frame it later today as well as post a digital version on my website to sell prints.

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