Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Phoenix Rises 5

Here is where I am this afternoon right before I post this. I'm thinking
I'll do a little airbrushing to kick up the flames a little more at this point.

The steps I took to get here follow.

I decided this morning I still didn't like the background so I used a stencil to 
Brush in some textures. So far I like it better but think I need to add more color depth later.
I also decided I didn't like where the ring was going so I painted over it.

Next I kicked up the highlights on the Phoenix using white with a little yellow mixed in.
I went over that with some red and worked on some detail in the head.

I went back over the red with more yellow. To me the Phoenix was getting a little dark and 
I decided to go more in the yellow to orange range. I think I'll use the airbrush to kick up 
the flames and make them a little more realistic.

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