Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 Reno Cattle Drive

The Reno Cattle drive went right by my house today so I was able to get out and capture some great photos of the event. The Reno Rodeo Association committee figured out 15 years ago that the perfect way to open their rodeo was with an old-time cattle drive.

Paying guests from various parts of the world join volunteer drovers to trail 300 head of Corriente rodeo steers from Doyle, California, to the Reno Livestock Event Center, where the rodeo's held downtown. The horseback drive takes five days and covers about a hundred miles. Along the way, seven 1800s-style horse- or mule-drawn wagons carry bedrolls and cowboy tepees for everyone. Riders put in some long hours in the saddle as they move the herd and handle whatever rigors the trail offers. But no one goes hungry, with plenty of delicious Dutch-oven cooking in camp, and sleep comes easy for those who unroll their beds among the High Desert sagebrush each night.

If you're interested in participating, tickets are $2000 and everything is provided. If I had an extra $2000 I think I would sign up. You can apply here. 

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