Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Pink House and Tussle Magazine

The Pink House is one of my favorite photographs. It sits in the middle of the salt marsh in Newbury, Ma. and I drove by that house every day on the Plum Island Turnpike for the 2 years I lived on Plum Island. It is an enchanted, abandoned old house that sits all alone in the middle of the marsh. I always wondered about the story of the house but never knew anything while I lived there.

The Pink House

Because she didn’t specify where the house should go, he built it where it would cause her the most unhappiness: by itself, far from everything, no fresh running water (only salt). There’s a term for this: “spite house.” "

Now that I know the story it only endears the house to me even more. I think I would call it the Pink Resentment house now. 

Recently I entered my black and white version of this photograph in a contest and it is now in an HDR gallery on viewbug of the HDR Objects Photo Contest Explore Series Finalists 

The Pink House black and white

 I also have an artist profile that showed up on Tussle magazine from New York this week is pretty cool. Mt Roswell Alien retired in Arizona is the featured image. 

Roswell Alien
So it has been a pretty interesting week as far as my new art career goes and I am very excited. Now I need to get off my butt and go to some local galleries to get more of my work out in the "real" community.  As always my images are available as Fine Art prints on my website.

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