Monday, January 9, 2017

New Wood Art and a Few Ramblings

After completing "Joie de Vivre" I am trying to think what I want to do next artistically and haven't come up with one idea I really want to pursue yet. 
However I have been getting quite a bit of inspiration.

Joelcy Kay from Edge of Humanity Magazine  contacted me by email saying she was interested in featuring 10 of my Woodies in the magazine. I sent her the ones she was interested in and she said they would be published in the next 60 days, so stay tuned and I will post a link when it happens. 

As I was browsing the magazine I loved the work of Kevin Grass. 
He has a style I am very much interested in pursuing with my painting. Check out his site, he does beautiful work. There are many other artists and photographers featured in the magazine and I plan on checking them out as well. 

Since I can't seem to sit still when I'm not working on a painting, I created a couple new Woodies. Digital art is so convenient to work on and I have all the parts for woodies ready on the computer since I shoot trees and people whenever I have the chance. I am also amazed at how different the same wood source picture can inspire me on different days.

Woody 221

 This is Woody 221 and the source wood image was captured in Fernley, NV a while back.   It has my cat Noels' nose, my eyes and some car parts I photographed at Pick and Pull for brains.

Woody 222

This is Woody 222 and has a definite "Wood Wizard" look to it. The wood source image was also captured the same day in Fernley, NV. Maybe it belongs in the Wood Spirits section instead. 

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