Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work In Progress 4

I'm making slow progress but got a good bit accomplished this morning. Thanks to free gift card from Jerry's Artarama for $50 I ordered some Artisan Water-Mixable Oil Color that I have been wanting to try out. The gift card was a real surprise, so thank you to the people at Jerry's Artarama! They should be here next week so that is what I will be using for my final layers.

Here is the painting as it sits on my easel right now.

To see step by step how I got to this point read on after the break.

Here I added a little more detail to the cowboy and the horse.
 I also changed up the shape of the hills in the background a little.

Then I applied a wash of white over the background to tone the color down a little.
 I used a glazing medium to keep it workable.

Next a wash of light blue over the background to make it 
move back and to bring the cowboy forward.

With all that blue in the background I decided to really punch up the orange in the horse to make it the main focus of the painting. I also added a little more detail to the cowboy.  
I  punched up the colors in the foreground as well.


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