Saturday, June 17, 2017

New Digital Work in Progress: Entrance to Khazad-dûm 2

I've added more to my new work. here it is as of right now.

To see the step by step process read on after the break.

 I added a worn path to the cave so it looked like it was being used.

Here a curves adjustment layer clipped to the path to give it some contrast and depth.

I added a door knocker that looked like a skull and then blended the color in with the door.

A curves adjustment layer for the doorway to darken it some more.

I added another blank layer with a multiply blend mode and 
painted in more shadows around the door with a 3% fill brush

I continued darkening the doorway and adding different colors to help it blend in better.

I squared of the top of the door shape and sharpened the edges.

I nitpicked the path next to the door a little so it looked like it went inside.

Finally I added a couple Red Tailed Hawks flying in the distance for a little more visual interest.
I'm still not completely sold on the door and may make more changes there.

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