Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anthropomorphic Foods

I am starting on a new series of digital composite images on anthropomorphic vegetables and foods. I'm going to shoot them in the house with my studio lights and composite with body parts and faces. Should be a lot of fun and I already have a bunch of cool ideas. (usually the hardest part)

This is a quick mock up I did with some 
existing images I already had just to do a little per-visualization.

I like the idea of the food item being chased by something else with a look of panic. I think I will have arms and legs as well as expressions and plan on shooting the background as a multiple image panorama in order to be able to make very large prints. I want to do some Work In Progress documentation on this series including video WIP of the digital work in Photoshop using  CamStudio. These will be posted as I do them here on my blog and Fine Art prints will be available of the final images on my website.

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