Sunday, February 14, 2016

Captain Crush

I'm starting a new digital painting today and thought I would post my progress as I go along. I am using a photo of Crush that I took a few years ago as the inspiration but am doing everything freehand from sketch to final painting. This is going to be for a contest on Dagger Bay so it needs to be a pirate theme. I am trying to work a little looser on this painting and allow the sketching to show through as well. we will see how well it works as I go along.

This is my starting sketch using the brush tool and just beginning to add a little color.


I am now blocking in more color and shapes and starting to look at the light and dark composition.

Adding a little more detail and allowing the sketching to show through as I go along so I don't forget.

I am starting to think of my background now, this is a quick painting of some tall ships I took photos of when I was in the Bahamas. 
I am adding more detail to the foreground and blurred the BG to send it back in the distance more. I thought the eye patch would work well and it also counters the dark in the hat better.
This is where I am at right now, I like where it is heading but there are still a lot of issues I am not happy with. (normal for me) I think I need to tone down the color of the jacket and am not even sure of the red color at this point. That is what I love about painting in Photoshop. I can just create a new layer and change the color to as many different versions as I want until I like what I see.

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