Friday, May 27, 2016

Coyote Acrylic Painting Step by Step 3

I have found some things I am not happy about and think they need more work.

I don't like the area below his ear on the right hand side and also the shadow side of his face on the right hand side also. I will need to go over those areas with a light color and then paint them a little cleaner. On the face I need to match the shape of the other side.

In painting his body it came out looking like he is wearing a shirt. I haven't decided if I like that yet or not. I could go with the shirt idea and put a sports jersey on him or a McDonalds uniform or some other modern uniform. (Military?) I liked Neil Gaiman's book "American Gods" where the Gods have jobs and live along with regular people and have powers depending on how much people still believe in them. The Coyote is a legend in Native American culture and I think it would be interesting to put him in a modern setting. I could go that way or I could just paint it to look more like the face.

If I go with the shirt I think I may have to add a little context to the background as well but that I am not sure about yet. I guess it will depend on the shirt.

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