Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coyote Acrylic Painting Step by Step

I started a new Coyote painting last night. I am painting with 
acrylic paints on watercolor paper for this one. This is on a half sheet of smooth paper 15"x23"

This is my progress so far and the step by step process follows.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 3
Step 4
I started this painting like I did with the Phoenix. I used wet washes with runs to establish 
interest in the under painting. In step 4 I started to go with thicker paint mixed with acrylic medium
so it was more of a glaze than paint. That allows some of the under painting to show through.

Step 5   

In step 5 I roughed in the location of the Coyote. I want a
straight on portrait style look to this one. I used white paint first and then added my color over the white. I roughly sketched the Coyote in with a Stabilo white china pencil before painting.

Step 6
Step 7        

In steps 6 and 7 I have further refined the shapes of the Coyote and experimented with color and where I want to put it. In step 7 I refined the eyes a little more and started defining shapes on his head. Step 8 is the image at the beginning of this post and where I am right now in my progress. I think I will change the color some on the background as I am not happy with that yet. I shortened his nose from step 6 to 7 and think that looks better. He has blue eyes right now but that may change as well. However I am quite happy with this one so far and will probably take a little more time to look at my progress and plan out my next step. I will post progress as it occurs and the final painting will be available as prints on my website when it is complete. Rick Mosher Artist Website

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