Monday, November 14, 2016

Man Saves Nature- Work In Progress 3

 I added and subtracted a few items and here is where it stands as of right now. For details read below for step by step edits. 

I decided I didn't like the wires so I clicked them off and added a couple Native Americans on horseback in the background and created a shadow. I decided I liked it better without the wires. (at least for now)

Wires be gone

I also didn't like the even number of lightning bolts so I added one more.

5th Lightning Bolt

I added a wire grid over the circuit board and set the blending mode to Luminosity. I think this adds a little more visual interest to the lower part of the frame.

Wire Grid
I felt like I needed some foreground interest so I added some birds on a wire like they were waiting for the tree to be done.

I go in for surgery tomorrow so I'm not sure when I'll be able to continue work on this one but it is definitely looking better. I'll probably go in with a brush and touch up the roots and other small areas I'm not happy with and maybe play with the global coloring a little more. 

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