Monday, November 14, 2016

Man Saves Nature- Work In Progress 2

This is the image at the time of this post, I am also thinking of different titles as I work on it. Like "The Spark of Life", "Wired", "The Birth of a Tree" or "Embryo" all probably taking the image in new directions. This could also end up as a series, who knows. Oh the life of an artist.

Read after the break for the steps up to this point.

I'm still adding more elements to the image. I thought the circuit board was a good idea so I added one in the lower half of the image, desaturated it and lowered the opacity a little.

Circuit Board Added
Next I took the photo of the tree and the roots that I had and blended them together. Next I put them inside the bubble.
Tree Added
I did a free transform and warped the wires so they started attaching to the tree and the roots.

Energy Bolts
I wanted some energy bolts so I added some lightning bolts and then used a branch brush and added electrical discharge around the bubble. I want to add more wires and probably some things I haven't even thought of yet. I went through the PSD file and grouped everything separately so I could change things easily if I want.

Face and Blue Color 
I added a Woody face but it so small it is hard to notice unless printed very large. I also did a curves adjustment layer to add some blue to the areas outside the bubble. 


Here I used a Hue saturation adjustment layer to add a vignette to bring the eye into the tree more.

Then using a curves adjustment layer I added some highlights behind the tree and on the horizon. I'm not real happy with the wires yet so that is where I'll be experimenting next. On completion this image will be available as a Fine Art print on my website where you can also check out my other work. While you're there sign up for my email list.

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