Sunday, November 13, 2016

Man Saves Nature- Work In Progress

I started a new digital work today from a dream I had the other night. I pictured a lot of power lines in a perspective grid with a tree hanging upside down from the roots in an electrical field. Sort of Matrix like but with a tree instead of humans. I imagine this will end up looking nothing like the original idea but it is fun to sometimes document the creative battle. I started with an old low resolution sky file from a storm in the Bahamas and mirrored it 2 ways, lowered the saturation and the noise to create a back plate.

Back Plate

Next I decided to make a bubble of energy to place the tree inside, I made a circular selection and did a spherical gradient fill and then using the airbrush tool added some rim highlights.

Energy Bubble

I need to add the power lines next so I found some good ones in my file and then copied and pasted them in and transformed and distorted some to make the perspective.
Now I will need a good tree image, I already have some root images from Pennsylvania that I will add. I am also wondering if I might add one of my woody faces to the tree as well. I also would like more electrical grids or circuit boards in the bottom of the image. We'll see if I still think all that tomorrow (or later tonight) :)

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