Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Devil's Back

I did this photographic still life of a red bell pepper a while back and have always enjoyed the way it looks like a human back and being red I decided to title it  "Devil's Back" 

Devil's Back
I have been getting comments online like "I would rather see Jesus's back" I replied that you couldn't have one without the other. Another comment was that it looked like a red bell pepper and I said that it was a bell pepper, the devil was not available to pose that day. That can lead into a discussion of opposites or paradoxes and the existence of Yin and Yang. One of things that fascinate me in my artwork is the perception of things and the power that a simple title can influence that perception. I have always loved this old quotation from Paul Nouge' about the freedom of the eye.

"The eye, which sees that which is no longer, the star;
on the screen, the image which has disappeared;
which does not see that which is too fast, the bullet, that smile;
which does not see that which is too slow, grass which is growing, old age;
which recognizes a woman and it’s another, a cat and it’s a shoe, his love and it’s emptiness
- the freedom of the eye should have put us on our guard long ago."

To me these are ideas that are wonderful to pursue in my artwork. Making people think is one of the highest accomplishments of any artwork to me.

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