Monday, November 28, 2016

Sketching and Thinking Stage

I want to do some paintings from my new series of Wood Spirits so that begins with some sketching and idea mining on Google. I already have a photo I want to use as a source in one of the paintings.

Here is a sketch I did yesterday using that as a reference.

I was thinking of using him with Johnny Oldtimber who lives in the forests of Eastern Pennsylvania.

Johnny is a friendly tree spirit, called the Ghillie Dhu who helps lost children find their way home.
I was thinking of having a dancing child with Johnny watching him in the forest. I like that he is dancing with a flower in his hand to show an affinity with nature.

Here are some conceptual images I am thinking of incorporating parts of in the painting. 2 of these are my photographs which I prefer to work with even though I am just using them as basic references.

Next step will be to put it all together to see how the composition might work and keep playing until I'm happy enough to begin painting. I think I will do a separate painting of just the dancing boy as well. I have always enjoyed that picture and want to do something with it. As always you can check out my work on my website and order some Fine Art Prints in time for the Holidays!

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