Friday, December 2, 2016

The life of a Photograph

Each of my photographs are like a child to me. I cherish each one and the potential for art that it brings. Several of my favorite captures have appeared in different works. Jesse is a good example. Originally captured in Jan 2011 for 30 day challenge on Worth 1000. 

Next he was extracted from the background and appeared as a black and white with a Boston city background

Then I made a digital painting out of him

Next I chopped his face onto Osiris for a statue contest on Worth 1000

Finally the current incarnation of Jesse is in my new Wood Spirit series where he is Jesse Sapskin

It is one of my all time favorite photographs and I still remember talking to him the day I shot it. Many of my photographs continue to be useful in creating new artwork. I am so much happier as an artist who take photographs instead of being just a photographer. I also have an excellent library of textures that I have captured on those days where the lighting isn't right or the clouds have left the building. I have been playing around with the composition for my first Wood Spirit painting but not completely happy with it yet. I'll probably have to just wade in and start painting. :) Here is the mock up I have right now.

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