Friday, December 16, 2016

Joie de Vivre 3

It's been overcast and rainy so I didn't do as much painting. I like to work in bright light when I can.
This is what the painting looks like right now.

The step by step process of how I got to this point follows after the break.

From the last painting I added light around his feet and did some preliminary work on the shadows. I painted in some purple as an undercolor and I'm pretty happy with that. I'll tone it down a little with washes of color later.

I added some color over the foreground to tone it down a little and decided I didn't like the face at all, so I painted over everything to start over there. It was battling me pretty good at this point and I was getting frustrated and thinking of giving up. (Always a battle isn't it?)

Here I toned down the stark highlights with washes of color and added some more green to the background.

A little more facial detail and some more work on his shadow. I also refined his hands a little. Things are going better today so I'm happy that I didn't give up.

Here I refined the face and hands a little more and worked on the interplay between the shadow and the weeds at his feet. I'll probably get to do a little more work today so we'll see how it goes. There is a ton more work to do but I'm happy where it is for now.

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