Thursday, January 5, 2017

Joie de Vivre Work in Progress 11

Still plugging along. I've gone to mixing a glazing medium into my paint now to get some better blends in these final layers. Here is the painting as it sits on my easel tonight.

To see the process to get to this point read on after the break.
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In this frame I continued to work on his pants and shirt as well as doing some negative painting around the foreground flowers to help define the shape more.

Here I darkened the background on the right hand side more and added more flowers to the bouquet. I wanted the bouquet to look more like a torch and added blue flowers to the base, some red in the middle and the yellow at the top.

In this frame I refined the shape of his eyes a little and did more work on his pants and shirt. I also darkened the shadow in his ear and on his face.

Still more work on the pants and shirt as well as painting some dark green into the background to get that forced perspective back where everything seems to be collapsing on him. I also added a wash of purple into the shadows.

More work on the pants and shirt and I also painted in some random green stems for the flowers to also enhance the forced perspective.

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