Monday, January 2, 2017

Joie de Vivre Work in Progress 10

Here is the painting today as it sits on my easel

I changed a lot of things so to see what it was changed, step by step, read after the break.

 Now that I am somewhat happy with the face it's time to work on his shirt and pants. I wasn't happy with either one and carved some off the shirt and moved his forward leg more under his body. 

I'm adding more shadow detail to the pants and shirt here.

Same here, working on the highlights and shadows on his clothes and 
painting some more detail in the foreground flowers.

Here is the final one for today. I continued what I was doing above, adding more darks to the shadows and then I did a wash of blue and black to the background flowers on the left side as well as the shadow under the boy. Then I painted more detail to the flowers in the bouquet.

 and I also do commissions as well. You can contact me here or from my website.

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