Sunday, January 1, 2017

Joie de Vivre Work in Progress 9

I made a little more progress today and I am at the point now 
where it will probably go a little slower as I work on small things that bother me.

So today I made a video of all the photos I have taken of the process so far, here it is:

The final image in the video is where it sits right now. To see how I got there read after the break.

I started working on my composition a little more by adding some distant flowers in the upper right hand area and also added some more pink flowers in the lower right. I also added some flowers to anchor his leg more and create a more powerful diagonal.
 I also added more flowers to the bouquet in his hand.

Here I added a little more detail to the pink flowers in the foreground.

Here I was just nitpicking small areas and adding some green stems to the flowers 
in the background and foreground.

In this frame I painted in the negative space around the foreground  and background
 flowers to create more contrast and draw the eye down more

Here is where I am right now. I increased the contrast in the foreground more and 
then I painted a dark blue wash on the entire upper background 
to send it back into the distance and create more depth.

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