Saturday, December 31, 2016

Joie de Vivre Work in Progress 8

It has been a very productive day painting. I guess I'm going to end the year on a high note. Here is my painting as it sits on my easel right now.

To see how I got to this point read after the break for the step by step pictures.

I decided to really work on the face and the hands more to make them look right. 
He still looks like some old mean elf.

I started playing with the eyes, mouth and ear to try and get my proportions right. It was a lot of trial and error as you will see. The eyes were too small, the nose too long and the face too short. Bad combination.

Still fighting the battle playing with the shadow under the nose and the shape of the eyes.

I lengthened the face and the mouth is looking a little better but the nose is still too long.

Better shape on the eyes and refined the mouth a little. 
I also decided to make his hands a little bigger so I painted them out.

I lightened up his face, worked on the shadow under the nose and refined his hands more.

 I added some yellow-orange to the shadows on his face and refined the ear a little more.

Back to working on the background, I added a lot more wildflowers to help tell the story. 
They make me want to dance in that field! 

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