Thursday, December 29, 2016

Joie de Vivre Work in Progress 7

I've been doing a lot more looking and thinking and a lot less painting lately. I finally figured out that his nose was too long making him look like some kind of evil elf.  To fix it I painted out the eyes and moved them down lower. Here is how it looks on my easel right now.

To read the step by step process of how I got to this point continue on after the break.

This is where I painted out the eyes and then roughed them back in where they should be.
It's already making him look more like a child.

A little more detail in the face and hair. I pulled the hair down over the face 
more to make him looking down a little more.

More detail in the face and hair plus I started doing more painting on the background with a dark forest green. I painted the areas next to where sunlight is hitting him to push those areas back farther and push the highlights forward.

Here is where it is now. I have continued detail in the face and hair as well as adding detail to the foreground weeds and wildflowers. 

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