Thursday, December 22, 2016

Joie de Vivre Work in Progress 6

I have been working slower now and looking at the painting a lot more in between. Here is how it looks sitting on the easel right now.

The face has been quite a war since I removed his hat. His face was originally in shadow and now it is in the light so I have to make it up as I go.Overall though I am pretty happy with how it is going. For the step by step pictures read more after the break.

Here I continued adding more interest to the foreground grass.

Same here as well as beginning to stress over the face.

You can see I have painted out the face again trying to figure out what is wrong.

More work on the face and I started adding more sunlight to his shirt 
using white with a little blue mixed in

I then realized I needed to add a little more to his shirt on the right side and also a little bit of sleeve poking out behind his face. That helped me get the face a little better.  I also added some yellow to where the light is hitting all over the picture.

I painted some brown in the foreground and added some grass detail as well as 
continued to work on his face. I also added a wildflower in his hand. 
I made it red to give it some pop against the green stem and background.

Here I just continued to fuss with his face mostly. 
I also added some blue wildflowers to the background

More detail in the face and I did some work on his arms and hands and added some white detail to the white background flowers.

More detail work in the foreground grass and more fussing with the face. 

The final image from above I added some purple to the shadows and over the yellow, worked more detail into the shirt and gave him a couple more flowers to hold. 

check it out when you have some free time.

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