Sunday, January 29, 2017

Next Project

I've been thinking about my next project lately and I think I've come up with one where I can do digital work as well as painting. I found a couple used frames at the Salvation Army Thrift store here in Reno for $7.99 each (that's where I usually buy my frames and then make a painting to fit) So I have 2 20" x 30" frames to put paintings in. 

I came up with the idea as I was waking up this morning and wrote it down in my sketchbook right away so I wouldn't forget it. I think I will get my friends involved in this project and also use my off-camera lighting setups. 

This will be a portrait series with a surreal twist to it, the first one will  be "Jarheads" where I do a classic portrait and then replace the head with a jar. I've seen a lot a work with heads in jars so this will be either an empty jar or one with something unexpected or weird in it. I think it will also be fun to match up the jars with the subjects. Another series on this same idea is "You Are What You Eat" where food is replacing the head. 

I am a recovered alcoholic and have wanted to do a series on recovery and addiction as well and I think I also want to do some with alcoholics and addicts with their brand of choice as a head photographed downtown in Reno, maybe in a Brenizer type style of portrait. 

To start I will photograph models in the setting and then photograph the bottle in the same setting with the proper background to minimize the Photoshop work and then do the first series as digital art. The ones I like best will become paintings. 

It's still pretty cold outside right now so I will start by collect bottles and other objects for heads at the thrift stores first. I'll make sure to keep notes in my sketchbook as I get more ideas and then hopefully I can get some friends to pose for me and maybe even some homeless people downtown. I could also work on my "I Talk to Strangers" project at the same time.

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