Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work In Progress 1

It will be a while before I have anything on the Jarhead series so I started another painting today. On this one I decided to do the early coats with acrylic and then oil for the final coats. I haven't tried this technique yet and was curious how it would work. 

Last night I did my drawing and this morning I started painting. First I painted out the cowboy with maskoid so I could be very loose while painting the early coats on the back ground.

After the maskoid dried I did a wet in wet wash on the sky and the distant mountains. I'm using a slower drying glazing medium and blending color as I go.

Washing in the medium distance using the same technique with warmer colors.

Here it is as it sits on the easel now. I sketched in the middle distance trees and painted the dark foreground color in.  I will probably work in most of the detail work before removing the maskoid and painting the cowboy. 

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