Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work In Progress 2

This one is fun to paint. Here it is as it sits on my easel right now.

It's at that "I don't like it right now" stage but I'm getting used to that. It's just part of the process, I think all artists struggle with self-doubt in the process of creating art. I'm trying to keep this one more impressionistic in style and it is the perfect subject for that.
To see more of my work check out my website, to see step by step how I got to this point,
 read on after the break.

Added more detail to the foreground sage, the middle ground trees and the sky.

Adding primary color to keep in the impressionist style.

Added a little more work to the highlights in the clouds.

Removed the maskoid from the horse and rider and refined the foreground area more.

Washing in the basic under colors on the horse and rider.

Finished washing in the horse and rider and started some 
over painting of highlights and shadows.

Here it is as it sits now with more details in the horse and rider.

I like the way the color is working out and if I can discipline myself to keep with the impressionist style I think this painting has a lot of potential. I still don't like it right now.  :)

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