Monday, January 16, 2017

Prancer Watercolor WIP 2

I continued working on my Prancer painting today and I had both cats trying to help me out.

The Critic
Here is Prancer checking out my work. She seemed OK with it.

Here is the painting as it sits on my easel this evening. I will probably do a little more painting tonight before I go to bed and then I think it will go into staring mode for a while. To see step by step how I got to this point just read on after the break.

Here I am just trying to slowly add layers of paint and some detail in the eyes, nose and mouth. I also removed the maskoid with an eraser.

Same here, more detail in the eyes, a wash of burnt umber  on the fur 
and some pink and yellow in the ears.

Here I am darkening the background to push it back and bring Prancer forward 
as well as roughing in some detail on her paws.

More brown and some really dark detail in the fur and nit picking several details.

I darkened the background even more and did some negative painting around the highlighted hairs on her ears. I still need much more detail in the eyes and I need to scratch out some whiskers and hairs with a razor blade. I like to leave the final details in the eyes until the end. I figure if I can make her look good without awesome eyes then the eyes will be like the cherry on top.


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