Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prancer Watercolor WIP 3

Progress is a little slower now as I nit pick areas that aren't correct 
and continue to increase the density of the shadows. 
Here it is as it sits on my easel this afternoon.

There was a period yesterday when I didn't care for this painting much but now, 
with a little more work and nit picking I am growing fonder of it. :)
To see how I got to this point read on after the break for a step by step description of the process.

This morning I took a closer look at the photograph of Prancer and saw some areas that were not correct. The front paw was too big and the mouth was way too dark and big. 
I was on the borderline of overworking so I lifted some color with a stiff brush 
from the too dark areas and did some negative painting around the paw.
I also started adding more detail to the eyes. 

I added some more detail to the nose and mouth as well as blocked in the rest of the foreground area. I am thinking I will cut some of that off when I mat and frame the picture but there is no harm painting it in for now.

A tiny more detail in the face and continued trying to add some visual interest to the foreground. I also like the blue in the foreground and have been adding washes of ultramarine blue. I think it brings out the fur and the eyes nicely. I will add some more detail and then I will scratch out 
more fine white hairs with my xacto knife as a last step.

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