Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Prancer Watercolor WIP 4

It's a little cloudy today but there was enough light to get Prancer pretty much finished. 
Here is how it sits on my easel right now.

Here is Prancer posing in front of the painting again while I was working on it.

I cut a mat and temporarily framed it for now. I will look at it for a while 
and then photograph it and put it up on my website to sell Fine Art Prints.
To see the step by step process to get to this point read on after the break.

 Here I started to refine her front paws and the mouth a little more.

Still playing with her nose and darkening the foreground shadows.

Same process as above a little further on. I scrubbed off some of the dark color on the nose.

Here I used an xacto knife to scratch out more hairs and whiskers. 
I also removed the maskoid from the highlights in her eyes. 

Nitpicking eyes, nose, mouth and foreground. 

This is how it sits right now. I will probably kill some of the blue in the foreground and add a slight vignette. I also cut off some of the bottom which to me didn't add anything to the composition.
For my next painting I have been wanting to do a painting of one of my grandsons, so I found a photo my daughter took which I have always loved and will use as inspiration.



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