Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time Out Work in Progress 3

I went through a "not liking it" stage yesterday and just spent the day looking at the painting to see where I could make it right. Today I just waded in and started painting again and I think it's getting better. Just not quite what I had in mind originally. 
Here is the painting sitting on my easel yesterday.

Here it is as it sits right now. 
To see the step by step process to get to this point read on after the break. 

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Today I started by another wash of color over everything to pick up the contrast and depth.

Next I added some texture to the bears. I used more of a dry brush technique for this.

Here I started refining the shape and coloring on the kitten.

In this frame I deepened the shadows around Arlen to make him stand out more and added more texture and color to the foreground bear.

I decided to add the bed frame in the background to give a little 
more context and another layer of depth. It's time to sit back and look at 
the painting again now to spot the weak spots and then I'll continue later.

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