Saturday, January 21, 2017

Time Out Work in Progress 2

I've started painting on Time Out. This time I am working each part of the painting separately, I pre-wet the object and then paint a wash of the lighter color and while it is still wet I blend in the shadow color. I don't know if it will be the best way but it is a lot of fun.

Here is the painting as it sits on my easel now.

I just finished painting a wash on the background wet in wet and that is
 why the paper is buckled.To see the process step by step read on after the break.

I started with a wash over the foreground blanket. I did a thin wash of Paynes grey and then added some Ultramarine to the highlights, also lifting them with a wet brush and a paper towel.

After the foreground was dry I wet the wall area and applied a wash of Gamboge and yellow Ochre. While it was still wet I put some Kosher salt on the paint and let it dry to get some wall texture.

Here I roughed in the first bear using Burnt Umber

Second bear with raw Umber, Paynes grey and Quinacridone Rose.

I roughed in the cat using Gamboge, Raw Umber and Bright Rose 
leaving a little white paper where her fur is white.  

Negative painting around Arlen of the pillows with a wash of Ultramarine Blue.

I roughed in the book with a darker wash of Ultramarine Blue with some Gamboge dropped in.

Roughing in the third bear with Paynes grey mixed with Burnt Umber to get a neutral Grey color. Then I applied a wash of Gamboge on Arlen's hair and worked in some 
Raw Umber in the shadow areas.

I decided I would stay in the foreground color palette for the colored pillow and put a wash on that here. I also added a wash of the same color to the shadow areas on Arlen's shirt.

Here I added another wash to the foreground blanket to darken it in a little more.

I painted in the pink stripes on his shirt over the dried shadows I painted earlier.

I seem to have a lot of Blue in my palette so I decide to do a light Orange wash to the background just now to help pop the Blue better. I also dropped in a little Purple and Blue to the bottom parts of the wall to make it go behind the bed. 


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