Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work in Progress 6

I've been slowly working on the horse and rider for the past couple days. I want to get the harness and tack looking right and doing a little on the horses musculature. 
Here is how it sits on my easel this afternoon.

I'm waiting for the water based oil color before doing any more work on the background.
To see the step by step process of how I got to this point read on after the break.

 Here I applied a wash over the horses head with some white mixed in to mute the orange a little for now. Then I started painting in some of the harness and tack where it belonged. I want to get this done before I go into the oil painting process.

More detail work on the harness and on the cowboys clothes, hands and face.

Added more harness where it belonged and started the wash on the back of the horse.

Still more detail work on the horse and cowboy.

Working on light and shadow on the rear of the horse.

Finally adding some work to the mane and the legs. 
The oils should be here Saturday and I've been thinking about how to proceed. 
I'm not really happy with the colors in the background so I will probably start there 
and see how they work before doing any work on the cowboy or horse.

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