Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work in Progress 7

I got my free Artisan Oil Colors and immediately messed up. I learned not to paint with just water. So I had to go out and buy some medium to use with the paint. I guess it's just water clean up. Still it works pretty well but dries really slow. Almost like painting with linseed oil so I guess I'll have to get some of the fast dry medium as well. Anyway here is the painting as it sits on my easel this afternoon.

I still haven't used the oil on the foreground yet. I'll probably start that later today.
To see step by step how I got to this point read on after the break.

When I first received the oil paint I used water to thin with and washed over the background. It dried very fast and was difficult to work with. That was when I discovered I should be using their mediums to thin the paint. So much for that instruction reading part again.  :)

Still working on the background hills, they've been bothering me for quite a while now.

A wash over the horse to refine shape and color.

A little work on the cowboy and the horse. I also changed the color of his chaps.

Here I refined the horses head and the cowboys shirt a little.

Back to the background. It's still driving me crazy and the fast drying isn't helping any.

I bought some Artisan Painting Medium and did a wash over the background hills and the sky. Much easier to work with when it dries slower. I decided to lighten the value of the sky quite a bit.


 Here's how it looks right now. I'm getting happier with the background and I'm almost ready to tackle the foreground and the final detail on the horse and cowboy. I may have to go and buy a different medium to speed up the drying a little now. Maybe mix a little of the two together. 

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