Monday, February 13, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work in Progress 8

The slow drying of the oil is slowing me down a little which I have to think is probably a good thing. Here is the painting as it sits right now.

I think I will just keep plugging along until I get tired of painting and then call it done.
To see the step by step versions read on after the break and remember 
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Here I applied a wash of oil color over the foreground so I could work wet in wet.

Next I applied a wash over the horse for the same reason.

Here I painted in some highlights on the horse and some shadows in the foreground.

I added some of the background hill color to the area next to the trees in the foreground.
 I think that helps tie it all together better.

I added some strokes to the foreground grass wet in wet and also did more detail work on the horse.

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