Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rider of the Purple Sage -Work in Progress 9

Here is my progress today. Working a little slower but still working wet in wet at this point.

I'm getting happier with the results so I must be winning the battle at least a little. 

For step by step progress reports check after the break.

Here I decided to start painting in the foreground weeds.

Continuing with the weeds by adding highlights with Yellow Ochre and white.

Here i did a little more detail work on the horse.

Refined the shape of the horse and added more detail and color.

Added some foreground flowers and did some highlight work on the middle ground.

Added some purple clouds in the sky.

I added some Yellow to the middle ground trees and some purple shadows in the foreground.

I think my main thing now will be to refine the horse and cowboy and I'll be pretty happy with it.

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