Friday, March 3, 2017

Digital Painting

I have been asked to do a tutorial on digital painting for the Reno Photo Club the first week in April so I did a full size painting first and will demonstrate techniques on a smaller file size.

I thought this expression made for an interesting portrait and I wanted to have a lot of color. Here is what I came up with. At least so far, it's still a while before April.

I distorted the facial features quite a bit and kicked everything up quite a bit with an HDR adjustment layer and NIK detail extractor. It is an unusual portrait but I'm pretty happy with the results. The background comes from one of the step by step photos I did on one of my paintings. get maximum use out of everything!

This is from a photograph I took of a friend of mine which I used to make Woody 219 in my Woody series.

Check out my work on my website if you have the time for new work. 

Here is the original photo

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