Monday, February 20, 2017

Gallery showing and new Painting

I just had two of my art pieces selected for the opening of the Nevada Fine Arts Gallery. For their opening they are doing a fundraiser for the Nevada Humane Society
 and I couldn't be happier to participate.

They selected my "Modern Coyote" painting and my "Iroquois Creation Story" digital art piece.
The show runs for all of March and there is a pet adoption day on March 25.
 If you live in the area please check it out.

I haven't done another painting in the Native American Gods series so I decided to do a Wolf since the local college is the Wolf Pack and "Wolfie" is their mascot. I liked Neil Gaiman's book "American Gods" where the Gods have jobs and live along with regular people and have powers depending on how much people still believe in them. The Wolf is also legend in Native American culture and I think it would be interesting to put him in a modern setting.

Here is my painting as it sits on my easel.

To see my step by step progress to reach this point read on after the break.

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This is my working sketch

  I started by loosely roughing in the big shapes using Blue and Raw Umber.

 Continuing to rough in some shadow areas and the eyes and jersey.

A little more work on the jersey and some white highlights.

This morning I started adding more color and refined my shapes. I also painted his name with maskoid so I can paint the blue on the jersey. The stripes on the jersey are silver.

Keep checking back to see how it goes, this is an acrylic painting on watercolor paper so it should go pretty quick. Click on the link to check out the Modern Coyote painting step by step.

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