Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Painting Work in Progress Inspired by Woody 107

The weather has been getting better and with our new puppy I have been out taking her for walks with my camera. As a result I haven't been painting at all lately. I have had an idea of doing paintings using my Woodies as inspiration. There are over 200 creatures I have created and I thought I would start doing paintings inspired by the weirdest ones. So today I started a new painting, acrylic on canvas 18" x 24" using Woody 107 as a subject and we'll see how it goes.

Woody 107
This is what the painting looks like on my easel right now.

To see step by step photos of the painting being created and some of the twisted reasons 
why I do things read on after the break. 

 First I did a quick sketch using a water based Stabilo china marker. I don't want to get into a ton of detail in the drawing phase of this series but work out the character as I paint.
 I did a wet wash of Chromium Oxide green with Deep Green and Cadmium Yellow brushed into the wet paint and then spritzed it with my squirt bottle to get it to run. Then I brushed it out with a blender brush. There is a good chance the background won't look anything like this when I am done. I'm just getting color on the canvas for now.
 I blocked in the Woody with Raw Umber mixed with Cadmium Yellow and White
 in the highlight areas.
 I dabbed the wet Raw Umber at the bottom with a dry paper towel and really liked the texture.

So I added washes of color into the rest of the face and dabbed with the paper towel there as well. I also started adding some Ultramarine Blue into the shadows and some red into the middle tone areas.
It's time to stare it down a while now and decide what direction it goes from here.

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