Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Photographing Spring in the High Desert with Bella

At the end of March this year my wife and I rescued a puppy from the Nevada Humane Society and I have been on a mission taking Bella for multiple daily walks for her and my exercise as well as avoiding inevitable indoor accidents.

 To have something to do I have been taking either my camera or my iPhone along on our walks and have been observing the field next to our apartment going through the birth process of Spring and thought I would share some of the images. Many are macro shots of the small flowers that appear in the High Desert in the Spring and the amazing diversity of plant and animal life right next door that many are completely unaware of. 

Filaree Storksbill

My Field 4

 My new Rock Troll Series is also a result of these walks with Bella and I find myself becoming aware of the variety of lighting at different times of day. I'm also looking up the names of the plants so I can submit some of my images in the PSA Nature Contests.

My Field 5

My Field 2

My Field 1

My Field 9

My Field 8

My Field 6

Bristly Fiddleneck

My Field 7

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  1. Love the photos! I used to collect flowers, but never picked them; photography only!