Monday, May 15, 2017

Work in Progress Inspired by Woody 107 #3

Another day of painting and here we are right now.
I think in this series of paintings, unlike the Woodies, I will have to come up 
with names of the portraits along with a back story. 

I think I want more color in the finished piece but it is at least interesting to me at this point. 
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To see step by step photos of how I managed to get to this point read on after the break.

From yesterday I added a lot of blue into the shadows and more intensity in the eye.

I added some purple and black over the background and a highlight around
 the shadow side of the face like rim lighting 

More detail in the eye and over painted with orange in the middle tones.  

I added some highlights to the eye that I didn't like.

Changed the highlight and darkened the bottom of the canvas. 
Time to have another stare down with the picture and decide what to do next.

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