Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Work in Progress Inspired by Woody 107 #4

I started adding the Blending Medium to the acrylic paint today. This is my favorite part where I add layers of glaze to the painting. It smooths everything out and adds a lot of depth to the color.
Here is the painting on the easel now.

To see the battle that ended up here, read on after the break.

 Today I decided to brighten the character up in the highlights 
so I started over painting with pinks and off whites.

 Once the highlights were lighter I added orange and red in the midtones.

I punched the shadows back up with more blue and purple and decided to 
brighten the green background to play off the purple while I was at it.
Maybe I'll put a shirt on him like in Modern Coyote but I haven't decided that one yet.
I think I will also name him as a God to continue my Modern Gods series inspired by 
American Gods by Neil Gaiman. 
I guess they're making a movie of his book now, so I guess I'm not the only one who liked it.


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