Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Work in Progress Inspired by Woody 107 #5

I stared down the painting last night and the painting won. I decided I needed to add a shirt like the rest of the paintings in this series, so here it is as it sits on my easel now.

I went with a green T-shirt with an "ENJOY THE PROBING" logo. I also evened out the shape of his head, the right side was a little different shape. 
To see the preceding steps just read after the break.
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 I blocked the shirt in with white first and then over painted with green, I also added to the right side of his face.

I added some shadow area to the shirt and came up with the logo design.

Here I started adding multi-color skin spots similar to age spots. 
Some sort of Alien Acne I guess.

Added even more spots (maybe needs to order some Clearasil)
I'm still not happy with the mouth and the area around the eye so that will be my next area of focus.

I started researching a name for an Alien God and so far I like Giaos, God of the Stars.
Next step will be to work out the back story for the character.

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