Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Painting WIP inspired by Quan the Saytr

I've been itching to do another painting lately and decided I really liked the concept of one of my latest Wood Spirits, Quan the Saytr. I decided to go more goat-like in my painting so I mocked up a quick idea in Photoshop to work from.

I'm thinking I will make the bone parts of the skull look more like wood
 but I'm not completely sure yet.

This is the painting as it sits on my easel right now.

To see step by step photos of the work in progress, read on after the break.

I started this one with a loose wash of black acrylic on an MDF board. I splashed a little water and alcohol on the wet paint to get this effect. You can also see my loose sketch in white pencil.

I then started painting in the highlights with white. Blocking in areas quickly with a large flat brush.

Here I painted some Van Dyke Brown in the shadows to warm them up a little.
Next some negative painting in the background in cooler colors to make the background recede into the distance. I used Ultramarine Blue, Purple and Vandyke Brown.

I roughed in the position of the eye with Burnt Umber and Yellow over white and added a wash of Burnt Umber in the figure.

Then I applied a wash of yellow mixed with Burnt Umber to the horns and some of the face.

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