Monday, April 13, 2015

Turn Off the Projector

 Waiting a lifetime to follow a dream only to be paralyzed with fear that you won't be able to pull it off. That really sucks. I should be elated and counting the days until the big move and excited about all the new possibilities. I am. Sometimes. The rest of the time I am full of fear and projecting all the negative things that "could" happen.
 This dichotomy was the inspiration for my new self portrait
 I know better than to do this. But I can't stop. My head is swimming with ideas for new art and photography projects and I have been able to create new work almost daily to bolster my portfolio and online presence at FAA. I have done some early work on my anthropomorphic foods but not happy with the early shots. I need to come up with ideas for better backgrounds and storytelling. I also want to do some work in progress videos for my blog.
 The time required to sell myself online and be recognized is much more difficult to me than creating the artwork. I really would like to get out my brushes and do some painting so maybe in the next couple weeks I can create enough room in our little apartment to make that happen. Usually the meditative qualities of applying paint helps to achieve some serenity that is sorely need right now.

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