Monday, May 25, 2015

Watercolor Paintings

I have been doing watercolor paintings since my college days in Southern California. I have always loved going back and forth from oils to watercolor as you are taught to work in opposite manners. In watercolor the theory is to leave the paper as the white in the image. This requires working from light washes to the dark shadow colors. In oils you start with dark washes and the final layers are the highlights. 

 By going back and forth between the two mediums it challenges my thinking and has me thinking "why can't I paint oils like watercolors?" In watercolor it requires painting with white. (OMG!) Which in purist watercolor circles is heresy. Fortunately I am not a card carrying purist so that doesn't matter to me.

 My daughter is an artist as well and her preferred medium is acrylic paint. I have been playing with acrylic lately and really like how it bridges both mediums and techniques.

 Here are four of my older watercolor paintings that I have pulled out in the maddness of packing for the big move back to Reno, NV. 

I photographed the original paintings and then digitally enhanced them in Photoshop so they are really new versions at this point. Click on the titles to go to my website to purchase Fine Art Prints.
I hope to be doing much more original art as well as my digital work now that I will have a lot more time on my hands. Be sure to join my email list if you would like to keep up with the comedy as I embark on a new phase of my life.

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