Friday, February 17, 2017

Fish Head Work in Progress 2

I've been getting a ton of ideas for these portraits so I must be enjoying the process. 
Here is today's progress on Mssr. Fishhead

"Mssr. Fishhead is a wealthy aristocrat who spends his inheritance trying to save different species of fish when his own species lives in hunger and squalor mere miles from his house." 

To follow the step by step painting process read on after the break.

I covered the background with more paint using  painting medium to allow 
better blending and slower drying.

Refining the fish bowl and the fish here.

More work on the fish bowl highlights.

Started building layers of color on the clothes.

Added a little purple and some details to the vest.

More purple in the clothing and some warmer color in the background, 
playing the yellow against the purple for some complementary contrast.

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